Preventive Care & Wellness Services for Companion Pets

Ask any veterinarian at Brownsville Spay Neuter: Annual check-ups can save animal lives. We encourage a proactive approach to health and advocate regular exams at our clinic to catch illnesses early.

At our Clinic, exams are never one size fits all. We make a conscious effort to customize our exams and plans for your pet’s current health and age to ensure they are receiving optimal care for maximum wellness.


During our wellness exams for your companion animal, we are thorough and implement a four-point approach:


We look

Our veterinarians begin every exam by visually examination your pet’s skin, mouth, eyes, ears, and nose. By taking a detailed look at your animal’s body, we can check for any signs of illness, injury, or disease.


We listen

By listening closely to your pet’s heart rate, our veterinarians at Brownsville Spay Neuter Clinic can often detect abnormalities or distress.


We feel

Our veterinarians gently press on your pet’s abdomen to feel swelling, tumors or other irregularities in their organs.


We share

Communication is key at our veterinary clinic, which is why we always dedicate time to learn about your pet’s health and habits straight from you to create an informed health plan.

My Pet Wellness Plans ensure that your pet receives the care needed to stay healthy and to proactively prevent and/or detect diseases earlier at life stage and help you manage your veterinary


Utilizing our state-of-art diagnostics tools and laboratory, Brownsville Spay Neuter will provide veterinary care in the following areas:

Health check-ups– Regular health check-ups, blood tests, fecal exams, and urinalysis help us establish a baseline for your pet’s health every year.

Parasite prevention – Parasite protection is paramount for a healthy life, particularly in our state of Texas! We’ll provide your pet with a parasite plan that’s easy to follow for maximum protection.

Vaccination schedule – Guard your companion from life-threatening illnesses through regular vaccinations. We’ll create a custom schedule for your pet’s immediate health situation.


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